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Artist 郭品文 Julie Kuok        香港著名鋼琴家 Hong Kong Pianist

    郭氏現任香港演藝學院、香港中文大學及伯樂音樂學院鋼琴導師,及通利音樂學院榮譽顧問。常擔任香港與中國內地鋼琴比賽評委,包括施坦威國際青少年鋼琴比賽、Toyama亞洲青年音樂比賽,並經常主持大師班及音樂講座,亦曾擔任香港電臺第四台古典音樂節目主持及在港臺電視節目《喜樂柒章》中演奏及分享鋼琴作品。去年九月她應邀在康文署舉辦的蕭邦舒曼年的鋼琴音樂示範講座系列中擔任講者。去年十月,Brio Music Press發行了由她親身講解及示範的第63屆香港學校音樂節分級鋼琴獨奏樂曲分析及示範的影碟。
    郭氏亦曾與香港小交響樂團、香港城市室樂團、南京交響樂團及美國歐柏林交響樂團合作演出。她與香港鋼琴家許甯成立了“諄意二重奏”(www.hkduo.com);兩人曾是香港電臺第四台駐台演奏家,以及在愛爾蘭音樂節、上海音樂之春、首爾及吉隆玻大型鋼琴音樂會參予演出。去年,她們在臺灣舉辦了原創音樂及改編作品的音樂會,並為慶祝該組合成立十周年灌錄了首張由tammy records發行的唱碟「散聚-諄意四手」。她們在公益慈善上也不遺餘力,剛在今年三月為關注婦女性暴力協會舉行了慈善雙鋼琴音樂會。

Being a piano teacher at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Baron School of Music, and also the honorary advisor of Tom Lee Music Academy, Julie often acts as jury in many local and mainland competitions and gives public music lectures and masterclasses. She had appeared early at the RTHK Radio 4 as presenter and in television programme giving performance and music sharing. Last September, she gave series of lectures for the 200th Anniversary of Chopin and Schumann organized by the LCSD and gave series of talks and demonstrations on 63rd Hong Kong School Music Festivals which was published as DVD under Brio Music Press.
As a performer, Julie had collaborated with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra, Nanjing orchestra and Oberlin Chamber Orchestra. In 2000, she and Hui Ling founded the HKDUO (www.hkduo.com) giving regular concerts and later became Artists-in-Residence at RTHK Radio 4. They had appeared at Waterford Music Festival in Ireland, Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, Asia Grand Piano Concerts held in Seoul and Kuala Lumpur and gave masterclasses and performed in Taiwan their own compositions and arrangements for two pianos. This March, they gave a charity concert for Association Concerning Women Against Sexual Violence and published their first CD album "in a glimpse" under tammy records for its 10th Anniversary with their original works and arrangements.
Composing gives Julie tremendous joy in exercising her creativity. Her "Tableau for 48 hands" on 4 pianos became one of the 2008 Top Ten Music Headlines in the Fine Music Magazine. Her choral works "Babies Talk on Halloween" and "Music Score" for the 40th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Children's Choir, and "Birthday Party" for 8 hands on 4 pianos for the 20th Anniversary of the Cultural Centre were highly acclaimed. In 2010, she premiered "Mahjong On Stage!" and "Pomegranate-250 fingers @ 4 pianos" for the Academy's Best Pianists Fund Raising Concert with great success and became one of the Top Ten Young Musicians in the i-cable TV programme "Close to Culture".