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Artist Menia Qian Zhang 張 倩

German young pianist 旅德青年鋼琴家


12歲進入西安音樂學院學習,迄今為止還是該校錄取的年紀最小學生。2002年,先是跟從邁克爾.羅爾教授和雅寶.韋德瑪教授在埃森Folkwang音樂學院和科隆音樂與舞蹈學院學習。隨後,定居科隆,在科隆藝術文化教育交流協會Unieffectus e.V工作和教學。

張倩經常受到世界各國的知名音樂會的歡迎,如德國,奧地利,義大利,荷蘭,愛沙尼亞,克羅地亞,中國,日本等等。還是一位熱情的室內音樂家,定期與中德兩國的同學合作演出。2005年和2006年被邀請至瑞士著名的長笛大師Peter Lucas伯爵的中國巡演中擔任伴奏以及翻譯。




Menia Qian Zhang established herself in spite her young age (she began playing the piano when she was 6 years old) one of the  leading pianists of her native place Xi´an / V.R China.
Menia Qian Zhang began to study at the Music Conservatory Xi´an with the age of 12 as one of the youngest students ever.  Since 2002 she initially continued the studys with prof..Michael Roll and prof. Arbo Valdma at the Folkwang University of Music Essen and University of Music and Dance Cologne.She then settled in Cologne,where she is working and teaching at Unieffectus e.V..Society for Cultural and Pedagogic Exchange.
Zhan Qian is regularly a welcome guest at diverse well-known concert places in Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherland,Estonia,Kroatien,China and Japan.
Menia Qian Zhang is also a passionate chamber musician. She works regularly  with colleagues in China and Germany. In 2005 and 2006 she was invited to play an accompaniment and be the interpreter for the renowned Swiss flute master Peter-Lucas Graf in his China tour.

Jury member of international piano competitions such as the "Liszt Award" Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition 2012 and 2014.  She has organized music projects in China, Hongkong and Germany since 2009.Menia Qian Zhang intensive teaching activities in Cologne and Vienna resulted with first prizes of her students at Young Pianists Competitions in Germany  Essen, Bremen, Bonn,Spain,France and HongKong.Menia Qian Zhang is Founder and Music Director of International Festival Piano Point Vienna 2014  which consists of Master Classes, Open Stage Lectures Gala Concerts and International Competition for young pianists.