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Artist 簡坤凝 RAMONA KAN        香港著名鋼琴家 Hong Kong Pianist


Ramona was instrumental and a key figure in developing the Yamaha Music Program for Tom Lee Music when they first introduced the world famous curriculum to Hong Kong. She was their first instructor when the Program launched. From 1977 - 1984, she served as head of music instruction for Yamaha's Junior Music Program and Advanced Music Program at Tom Lee Music.
Ramona has contributed enormously to the field of music education in Hong Kong. Throughout the late 70s - 90s, she advised and assisted several kindergartens in setting up pre-school weekend junior music courses. She also programmed music for Braemar Hill Nursery School in its early foundation years. In 1985, Ramona went on to start her own music center, Rainbow Melody Children's Center as the Music Director. There, she developed her own early childhood music method and curriculum, and a platform to nurture young children in a child-focused environment providing them with the fundamentals of musical skills, creative development and personal enhancement.
Ramona has received many accolades and recognition as a music educator. Her current students are frequent winners in the Schools Music Festivals and other regional competitions in the Pearl River Delta. Her students have proceeded to some of the most prestigious academic institutions and music conservatories in United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. Many have experienced success in the music, entertainment and education industries, such as Renie Sinn, Head of Music at Sacred Heart Canossian College; Phoebus Chan, a much sought-after pianist and performer in the Hong Kong music scene and Nicolette Wong, who received her professional training at The Royal Academy of Music in London, England after learning from Ramona for over 10 years, just to name a few.
In addition, Ramona is a keen supporter of charitable giving through her music teaching. She has been a top fund-raiser for the Oxfam Music Marathon for 2 consecutive years. She previously served on the Ladies Committee of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. She is currently one of the most sought-after private piano teachers in Hong Kong.