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Artist Ren Shuzhen 任抒真

Chinese Pianist 中國著名鋼琴家



Professor Ren Shuzhen,the famous Chinese pianist, has been awarded as Excellent Teacher of Chinese Educational Reform. Graduated from Piano Department of Xi'an Conservatory of Music in 1963, Ren became a piano teacher in Music Department of Art Academy of People's Liberation Army(PLA). After the dissolution of PLA, Ren continued her teaching career in the Battle Song-and-Dance Troup of Lanzhou Military Area Command.
At present, Ren works as a tutor for master students in Piano Department of Xi'an Conservatory of Music. Among her 6 scholarly thesis, the Reflection of Teaching Piano Postgraduates for Ten Years was named outstanding thesis. In recent years, Ren has been invited as judge in both national and international piano competitions.