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Artist 吴 曼 Wu Man

武漢音樂學院鋼琴系教授、武漢音樂學院鋼琴表演專業碩士生導師、武漢音樂學院附中鋼琴教研室主任、 湖北省鋼琴專業委員會秘書長、湖北省鋼琴(業餘)考級委員會副主任。
曾在中文核心刊物上發表了科研論文麥克道威爾《十二首炫技練習曲》、《音樂形象及其魅力》、《論 莫謝萊斯鋼琴練習曲的觸鍵特色》、德彪西的《水中倒影》。

Wu Man is an associate professor of Piano Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, a tutor of the Piano
Performance Major post-graduates of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, head of the Teaching and Research Section of
Wuhan Music Institute Accessorial Middle School, the secretary-general of Piano Professional Committee of Hubei
province, vice director of Piano(amateur) Tiered Exam Commission of Hubei.

Wu had been students of many famous pianists, such as Prof. Hu Liling, Canadian pianist Prof. Schurz and famous
Russian pianists Bugayev and Igor·Suhuomninov.

Wu once announced a scientific research on Twelve Virtuoso Etude by McDowell and Water Reflection by Debussy. She
also wrote two influential books, one is The Image and Fascination of Music and the other is On the Moxielaisi Piano
Etudes Touch Key Characteristics.

In 2004, Wu was the subeditor of the piano courses on I- Levels