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Artist 冼勁松 Xian Jinsong

1990年7月在中央音樂學院附中以優異成績畢業;同年考入德國埃森國立高等音樂學院鋼琴演奏專業, 在布拉托夫教授班上學習;1997年以德國鋼琴最高分畢業,獲得鋼琴演奏碩士學位,同時被考試評委會指定 免試攻讀“最高演奏家文憑”;從1997年攻讀“最高演奏家文憑”起,先後師從科隆音樂學院陳必先教授以 及前莫斯科音樂學院鋼琴系主任,國際著名鋼琴大師、教育家涅高茲的學生馬里甯(Malinin)教授。
1997年,連續獲得多項榮譽:第七屆義大利國際音樂大賽第二名;德國“尼貢”猶太音樂比賽雙鋼琴第 二名;德國對外文化交流中心(DAAD授予的“1997年度德國最傑出留學生音樂獎”。留學德國9年期間,曾 在德國、荷蘭和俄羅斯聖彼德堡等地舉行過多場鋼琴音樂會,曾多次與廣州交響樂團合作演出了李斯特、 柴可夫斯基、貝多芬等鋼琴協奏曲。

Xian is a pianist, associate professor of Piano Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music. He is also the head of the Teaching and
Research Section of Guangzhou Qingxing School. Xian began playing piano at the age of seven; he once studied as a student of many
famous masters, such as Chen Yihua(陳華逸),a famous teacher of Guangzhou Music Institute and Li Qi(李淇),Chinese well-known
pianist and piano educator as well as Zheng liqing(鄭麗琴),the professor of Piano Department of Central Conservatory of Music.

Xian was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music Accessorial Primary School in1983 and Accessorial Middle School in 1984,
studying follows a famous educator – Pro.Wu Yuan. In Jury 1990, Xian was graduated from middle school and in the same year he
was admitted to German Essen National Higher Music College and became a student of Prof. Bulatov. In 1997 Xian finished his study
with the highest score in German and achieved a master's degree in piano performance. At the same time, Xian started to work hard
at the Highest Graduate Performance Diploma and studied follows Chen Bixian, a professor of Cologne Conservatory of Music and
Prof. Malinin, a student of Heinrich Neuhaus, former head of Piano Department of Moscow Conservatory of Music and international
well-known pianist
Xian achieved the second place both in the 7th Italy International Music Competition and German Nighon Jewish Music Competition
Double Piano. He was awarded the 1997 Annual German Most Distinguished Foreign Student Music Award. During his nine years'
stadium in German, Xian once held several piano concerts in German, The Netherlands and Russia. He also played the piano
concertos by Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven with Guangzhou Philharmonic many times