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Artist Zhan Yihong 詹藝虹

Chinese Pianist 中國青年鋼琴家

華中師範大學音樂學院教授.碩士生導師.鋼琴系主任,湖北省社會音樂考級評委..中國音樂家協會鋼琴學會理事。1986.畢業武漢音樂學院音教學院;1996.北京首都師範大學助教班;1997.中央音樂學院周廣仁鋼琴大師班; 2007.赴德國進行為期6個月的訪問學者; 2009.赴俄羅斯進行專業考察與交流。

2000-2014間,多次擔任獨唱音樂會鋼琴藝術指導;參加“百年校慶”、“sping音樂節”、“聖桑鋼琴專場音樂會”。2007.獲“全國鋼琴教師演奏比賽”B組(獨奏)優秀獎。近年來,在CSSCI期刊及專業期刊發表學術論文數十篇,其中一篇獲中華人民共和國教育部頒發的優秀論文三等獎(政府獎);出版與發行“鋼琴教學與實踐” “鋼琴獨奏”專著一部(輯);主編“鋼琴教學與訓練曲集”教材四本;多次榮獲楚天藝術大賽、kawai鋼琴大賽等“優秀指導教師”。指導學生參加2013長江鋼琴“小金鐘”決賽;央視CCTV“2014鋼琴小提琴大賽”均獲“優秀獎”。

Zhan Yihong, the professor in the school of music , supervisor of postgraduate and director of Piano Department in the Central China Normal University. She is also the judge of the Social Music Grading Test in Hubei Province and the director of Chinese Musicians Association Piano Institute. She graduated from the School of music and education in Wuhan Conservatory of Music in 1986. In 1996, She worked in the assistant classes in Beijing Capital Normal University, and worked in Zhou Guangren’s piano master classes at the Central Conservatory of Music in 1997.In 2007,she spent 6 months to Germany visiting scholars and went to Russia for professional inspection and exchange in 2009.

 During 2000-2014, she served as a piano art guide in solo concert and participated in the "Centennial", "Sping Festival", "Saint Saens piano concert". She won the excellence award in the "the competition of national piano teacher’s performance" B group (solo) in 2007. In recent years, she published professional journals and dozens of papers in CSSCI journals , what’s more, one of them won the excellent papers third Award (Government Award) issued by the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China. She published and issued "the piano teaching and practice", "piano solo" --------a monograph. She also was an editor of four textbooks named " Piano teaching and training music collection ".She won the metropolis art contest, and the "excellent instructor" in Kawai piano competition repeatedly. She guided students to participate in the 2013 Yangtze River Piano "Admiralty" final competition and CCTV 2014 piano violin competition and both won the "award of excellence".