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Artist Zhang Ruirong 張瑞蓉

Chinese Pianist 中國著名鋼琴家

中國音樂家協會會員, 山西大學音樂學院鋼琴系主任、碩士生導師,山西省音樂家協會理事,山西省音樂教育委員會理事長,中國高等教育學會音樂教育專業委員會理事,中國教育學會鋼琴專業委員會理事,全國鋼琴考級高級評委. 發表論文數十篇。獲國家級、省級獎勵、表彰20多項,還被評為山西省優秀中青年教學骨幹。她所教的學生也有很多獲省級、國家級專業比賽大獎。

Prof. Zhang Ruirong, member of Chinese Musicians Association, head of the Piano Department of Conservatory of Music of Shangxi University, tutor of postgraduates, council member of Shangxi Musician Association, president of Education Committee of Shangxi Musician Association, director of Music Education Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Higher Education, director of Piano Professional Committee of Chinese Education Society. As advanced judge of Chinese Piano Grading Test, she has published tens of papers. Winning more than 20 national-level and provincial -level awards, she was commended as Shangxi Excellent Teacher. Her students also won many prizes in some national-level and provincial-level professional competitions.