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Seongsoon Hwang

Seongsoon Hwang

After studying at Seoul Fine Art Hing School he graduated from Yonsei University with a Bachelor’s degree. His teachers included Suk Kim, Bong-Ae Shin, Young-Ran Han, Won-Sook Hur.

During his undergraduate study, he won Teenager Competition, Eum-yon competition. In addition, He performed in the New Face Debut Concert. After completing his undergraduate program in Korea, he earned his Diploma in Piano Performance, Ensemble, and Accompaniment from Trossingen Musikhochschule in Germany. He also graduated from Stuttgart Musikhochschule in Vocal Accompaniment and completed his Meisterklasse in Piano Performance at Musikhochschule Wuerzburg.

He had played as a Solist with Weisenburg Chamber Orchestra, Leipzig Kammer Philharmonic, SlaskaPhilharmonic, Ploiesti State Philharmonic, Ahn-Dong Philharmonic, Ma-san State Philharmonic,Kyung-buk Philharmonic, Seoul Youth Orchestra, Dae-jeon state Philharmonic.

He has given an Invitational recital through the Steingraeber&Sohne piano company and sponsoredby Winnenden Schloss , played Opening concert of the Pfaffenhofen Musikfestival and as a Solistdebut Smetana Hall in Prag, Czech.

He was Faculty in Musikhochschule Wuerzburg, Germany and currently teaching at Su-won University as a guest Professor.

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